The “Keep It Together” Club (All Mamas Welcome)

photo credit: caseorganic via photopin cc

photo credit: caseorganic via photopin cc

We had been up and down the aisles long enough. He’d gone through the Goldfish crackers and now he was waving the coupons in the air and dropping them to the ground like we were our own miniature ticker tape parade.

We had just moved to the neighborhood and this first-time mama was mighty proud to be successfully grocery shopping with the little one AND with such a valuable $10 off “Welcome to the Neighborhood” coupon in hand. Well, in his hand.

After meandering our way through the new grocery store we made it to the checkout. I glowed in the light of being such a fiscally responsible wife and mother. Oh, the pride I would feel when I handed over my mega-coupon! Physical proof that I was a successful, smart, good-steward-of-our-finances kind of woman.


(to be continued)

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  1. So happy to have you at There Is Grace today, Katie!

  2. Nancy, it is totally my honor! Love being there and can’t wait to meet some of your readers!

  3. June Kenny says:

    I remember this incident from when Biggs was small. Still brings a tear to my eye. Great job! And, thanks for reminding us of what’s important. :) Love you, Mom

  4. Kristi says:

    Thank you! I needed to hear those very words today. I have to remind myself often of His grace for me as His daughter, as a wife, as a mom, as me… So glad to have stumbled upon your blog via Nancy’s link-up on!

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