Hate Mail

The moment can come in the middle of the Costco parking lot. (Hypothetically speaking, of course.) That moment when the line between keeping it together and losing it completely is a bit hazy and the behavior of one child is like a stack of hate mail sitting on your heart. When you read the words […]

Lines in the Sand

There are two meanings for drawing a line in the sand. One is that you make a decision not to cross a certain point. No more movement forward, not one more step past it. The other meaning is that a firm decision has been made and you cross that line and never go back. Isn’t […]

These Boots Were Made for Teaching

I wish this story ended better. I want to say I wish it ended more gracefully but that’s not right. There was plenty of grace. I just wish I ended better. So. I have these boots. They are cute. Brown with pink polka dots. Fit for the rain, functional. But sassy. I get compliments on them […]