Sunday’s Here

Sunday’s here. No more Sad Friday. Or confused, devastated Saturday. Sunday’s here. In the midst of worship and lunch and baking the ham. . . In the midst of cooking the potatoes and vacuuming the floor. . . In the midst of wiping down the bathroom mirror and scrubbing the toilet. . . In the […]

All Alone, in the Dark

It was somewhere in the late evening hours, after cleaning up a miserable child’s vomit, that I started questioning our decision to add to our family. Not seriously, mind you. Just the kind of wondering that occurs in the midst of puke and crying and germs and exhaustion and it seems a little crazy to […]

To Mime or Not To Mime

Bigs came home recently announcing that he was a mime in his 4th grade “Preposition Circus.” I really had no idea what kind of circus that was and getting information out of that one puts me in the same class as elite dentists who have to extract teeth while the patient is still conscious and […]