The “Keep It Together” Club (All Mamas Welcome)

We had been up and down the aisles long enough. He’d gone through the Goldfish crackers and now he was waving the coupons in the air and dropping them to the ground like we were our own miniature ticker tape parade. We had just moved to the neighborhood and this first-time mama was mighty proud […]

Leap On, Soul Sister

Very few people read my post last week about my boots. If blog posts were measured in terms of sound, this one would’ve registered off-the-charts crickets. And that’s ok. I wrote it because I had to. I felt an overwhelming sense that I had blown it when God asked me to do something. It was […]

A Little Hemming, Here and There

She sewed me into my dress 10 minutes before we were to leave for the wedding. Our ride waited down below and I stood in our hotel room, obediently still, as the aunt of the bride lovingly stitched me in. The dress was perfect for me and when I had tried it on in the […]