Sunday’s Here

Sunday’s here. No more Sad Friday. Or confused, devastated Saturday. Sunday’s here. In the midst of worship and lunch and baking the ham. . . In the midst of cooking the potatoes and vacuuming the floor. . . In the midst of wiping down the bathroom mirror and scrubbing the toilet. . . In the […]

Sad Friday

When I was a kid I used to think that today should be called “Sad Friday”. I thought “Good Friday” seemed ridiculous. I realized that it was good that Jesus died for me (and you and you and you and you) but even though it was good and necessary and perfect, it didn’t feel good. Ah, how we humans […]

Hot Mess

I had stopped counting the number of times I gathered up dirty sheets, clothes and towels.  I lost track of how many baths I had run to clean up the hot mess that was my contagious child late on a Wednesday night.  It was at that moment, looking at myself with latex gloves and armed […]