5 Ways to Bless the Heart of Your Struggling Friend

I distinctly recall the first time someone “blessed my heart”. You know the type: the staged whisper (southern accent optional), big smile and—this is key—behind your back. I was standing in the world’s longest post office line and I had stupidly … [Continue reading]

Pink Laundry and the Better Story

It took one proverbial red sock to turn the entire load of newborn baby clothing pink. I sat back on my heels, my swelling belly moving with the unknown gender of our third child, and I just laughed. I held up piece after piece, clothing so obviously … [Continue reading]

Pennies, Pennies Everywhere

We recently sat in the dark theatre watching Disney’s latest movie “Frozen”. At one point, my 4-year old foster son made his way to my side, frightened. Scene after scene I held him, sitting like that well past the point of scary snow monsters and … [Continue reading]