This Is What Happens In Foster Care

It took me awhile before I could walk past the dairy section of the grocery store without having flashbacks. In my memory, the song always came on right when I hit the yogurt, always the same song as if proving the use of piped in music or the … [Continue reading]

A Love Letter To Our Biological Mother

Dear B, It's Mother's Day. And this is the first one since you surrendered your parental rights and now our children are on the brink of our forever family. Not an easy day for either of us. This Mother's Day, I feel particularly wrecked. So … [Continue reading]

The Night My Son Finally Woke Me Up

I was somewhere in between that deep sleep of the deprived and the alert sleep of the maternal. I lay there silently and I couldn’t remember the last time I had slept through the night. I heard it again. A quiet, faint “mom”. Over and over. Several … [Continue reading]