Choosing the Necklace

Crocodile tears, these were not. These were leaky eyes. Panicked eyes. The visit to the dentist for this little one had not gone as planned. It first involved x-rays that mama bear had to put an end to. Then the scraping. And the electric tooth brushing. It tickled, in that uncomfortable way. I felt his pain […]


Today. Sharing space with my Soul Sister on her birthday. Her friendship and words are a gift to me and I know she is to many others as well. Help me wish her a blessed day? But first, a note from her: Recently my husband and I moved our family halfway around the world. Now I’m […]

Uneven Fields

The middle one told me about recess one day, how they play soccer between a few trees and on uneven ground. Kids are good like that, making fields in the midst of a mess. A stadium from a few sticks and woodchips. They run their little hearts out from start to finish, sucking the marrow […]