The Bowling Alley Evangelist

She turned and looked at me in the middle of the bowling alley and I could tell by her face she was going to ask me something important.  “Can I ask you a crazy question?”  I knew for some reason that she was going to ask me something about God and that the words out […]

The Point of it All

I remember receiving a Christmas card from a friend of mine a few years ago.  Her beautiful family was standing in front of the ocean, their outfits perfectly matching, smiling.  She confessed to me later that her family was miserable in that picture.  Her kids were cranky, her husband was upset because it was taking […]

He’s In the Room

I wasn’t focused on a whole lot other than checking our middle son into Children’s Hospital.  Middles has a medical condition that affects his lungs and he was battling a tough pneumonia bug.  His lung function was bad, he had been sick for two weeks—I was glad to be in a place where the professionals […]