Uneven Fields

The middle one told me about recess one day, how they play soccer between a few trees and on uneven ground. Kids are good like that, making fields in the midst of a mess. A stadium from a few sticks and woodchips. They run their little hearts out from start to finish, sucking the marrow […]

It Starts with Bunny Ears

  It often starts off like this.  Younger brothers are hard.   Then, it turns into this.  The moment of reckoning. I’m impressed it didn’t get messier than this. If you could somehow insert the concept of tattling and bathroom humor (with a little wrestling and rivalry and a fair number of early Saturday morning […]

New Year’s “Revolutions”

This ambitious one came downstairs on the first day of the new year having written half of a book. (It, of course, involves Star Wars and begins: “Once there was the Hoth Base peacefully doing their stuff. . . .” I am now consulting Middles for some editing work because darn if that’s not a good beginning.) […]